Freja authentication services to secure user authentication for SEB Bank

SYSteam provides SEB employee member organizations with a hosted solution for managing automatic payment of membership fees, often involving many small amounts periodically. Combined with an authentication service solution based on the Freja technology, SYSteam was able to build seamless and secure application layer protection for SEB.

The Freja solution protects the integrity of SEB customers by enforcing strong two factor authentication policies on bank applications. It was therefore essential that the system meet the highest security standards.

A number of SEB security protocols are enforced on every application containing personal information on behalf of the bank. Hence, it was a requirement that the entire solution be approved by the bank’s Group Security department.

“Verisec is a trusted supplier of IT security solutions to SEB. Their solutions meet the bank’s stringent security requirements and are aligned with SEB’s long term IT security strategy”, says Christer Samuelsson, CSO Internet Bank at SEB.

The solution provided by SYSteam is a cloud-service that can be utilized by any organization, association or business with members of any kind. It offers great flexibility and supports everything from small to large organizations due to the ability of managing different structures and hierarchies. This cloud-service is strong in managing small and frequent payments and keeps a track record of who paid for what and when.

The Freja solution was developed and is hosted by Verisec as a cloud-based user authentication service. A general purpose service built to fit the flexible and disparate requirements of large corporate, Government and banking customers, Freja includes key features such as multiLDAP support and delegation of user administration privileges. These features enable large organizations as well as cloud-based services, application hosting and outsourcing companies the ability to adapt their authentication solutions to an ever growing and changing user environment. These features are described more in detail below.

Key features of Freja

Freja has built-in support for multiple LDAP structures as well as delegation. This will enable SYSteam to extend a shared authentication solution for multiple customers irrespective of where user repositories are located, and has provided the added benefit of allowing user and token management to be handled from the most appropriate location for each specific customer.

“Verisec’s service allows SYSteam to support multiple customers in our authentication service thanks to Freja’s support for multiple user repositories. Combined with a flexible service center pricing model the Freja solution fits the needs of a hosted application provider requiring a high degree of security”, says Anne Thörn, CEO at SYSteam Blue AB.

A key feature in the Freja solution is support for delegated user administration, allowing customers to retain control over their sensitive user information while sourcing authentication as a service from a third party application and service provider such as SYSteam.

“For SEB and SYSteam key benefits of implementing the Freja solution were that sensitive user data never had to be externalized to a third party; also, while authentication was outsourced, help desk and management functions could be maintained locally and administered through a web interface, never requiring client installations” says Anne Thörn.

About SEB

Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB) is one of the leading corporate banks in Sweden and the Nordic countries. With its strong international network and local establishments in both Germany and the Baltic region, SEB constitutes a strong international partner for companies and organizations.

About SYSteam

SYSteam is a turnkey-solution IT supplier with a leading position among IT consultant companies in the Nordic region. SYSteam’s business concept is to actively support customer’s business development through the use of effective information systems.