Question: What is Multipliance?

Multipliance is a virtual or hardware appliance that can host Self Service Portal, MASS, and/or Freja Connect.

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Question: What is Admin Client?

It is an IP address or network segment allowed to access the administration interface of Freja ID. This applies to the Freja Admin application, replication service and HTTP monitoring service.

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Question: What is LMK/Local Master Key?

It is an AES 256 key used to encrypt all sensitive information in the database and configuration backups of Freja ID. Every Freja ID appliance comes with a default factory key which should be changed before the appliance is put in production.

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Question: Can Freja ID/Multipliance use a self-signed SSL certificate?

FrejaID and SSP can use self-signed SSL certificates, but MASS needs a certificate issued by a well-known CA. Please note that self-signed certificate needs have CN=DNS name or Subject Alternative Name=IP Address of the server depending how customer wants to access the appliances.

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Question: How does Freja ID/Multipliance ensure correct timekeeping?

Both FrejaID and Multipliance can set automatic synchronization with NTP Server that will be done once every hour. This can be set within Admin interface General>Time&Date tab.

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Question: What VM specifications are required for Freja ID and Freja Multipliance?

4GB RAM, 2 CPU’s, 50GB HDD and 1 NIC

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