The Verisec Platform of Digital Trust

Solutions for going digital

In recent years, the digitalisation has taken huge steps and all industries are affected by the transformation. Digital channels are becoming increasingly important and the trend has accelerated with the smart phone. Customers of today expect to be able to carry out their business anytime and anywhere, and this places high demands on security and availability by banks and enterprises in all industries.

Living in a digital world

The challenges for any organisation today are extensive with the digitalisation, regulations, increased competition and increasingly demanding customers. But the opportunities to create greater customer satisfaction, attract new customers and increase profitability is greater than ever with the new digital business models emerging.

Verisec has helped various organisations to digitalise their business since 2003 and today we have enterprises from around the world as customers, from multinational corporations to smaller niche banks. Common to all our customers, the Verisec Platform of Digital Trust serves as a fundamental component to create services that are available, scalable and secure, while meeting all the stringent requirements for regulatory compliance. What sets us apart from our competitors is that our solutions do not stop at technology. We offer a full range of services, from initial identification and fulfilment to business development and service integration.

The Verisec Platform of Digital Trust

The platform offers a range of tools for securing identities and data, and from this trust it is possible to build services that support the digital business model. The whole idea of the platform is that it is scalable. Many businesses begin to use it for secure login with strong authentication and then add features such as payment services, secure messaging, e-signing and other services.

A platform for omnichannel

Allowing the customer to access a company’s services in different channels has become a fundamental customer requirement. But having different ways of authenticating the customer for each channel is not only costly for the business, it is an obstacle for customer interaction and provides a poor user experience.

The Verisec Platform serves as an omnichannel enabler, allowing you to provide the customer with one single point of authentication and signing, regardless of channel.