The Verisec Platform of Digital Trust

Data Protection

Protecting access and digital transactions is one part of an adequate IT security. The second part is to protect the information with encryption. Verisec can offer a total solution where all these parts are included whether it regards the protection of payments, sensitive information or communications that must be secured in accordance with the very highest standards.

For maximum security, the platform is prepared for the integration of hardware encryption (HSM) for the protection of digital identities and transactions.

To meet the high demands of GDPR all sensitive personal information must be protected, and with transparent encryption you can easily and without interference in your system, protect sensitive information, resources, and easily scale up coverage to more data sources, whether they are local or cloud.

The platform also includes tools that make key management extremely easy without compromising security.

As the mobile channel most often is a company’s most important channel for customer interaction, it raises a whole range of security challenges. The mobile is in itself a vulnerable device, and most of the applications lack appropriate protection. The Verisec Platform of Digital Trust offers a range of tools, which adds that extra layer of security by encrypting and protected communications to guarantee mobile security.