The Verisec Platform of Digital Trust

Digital Identity

The baseline of digital security is the ability to strongly verify a user’s identity. Two-factor authentication, either with a one-time password for offline use or an online push notification are currently the standards being deployed by most businesses that offer online and mobile transactions. Verisec has a well-proven solution based on the widely deployed Freja ID, a part of the Verisec Platform of Digital Trust.

When the customer safely received their issued digital identity, this identity can be the basis for a wide range of services and applications where our customers’ own business is the limit. Ease of use is the focus with features like fingerprint authentication, face recognition and other functions.

The system provides a flexible, scalable system for strong authentication based on open standards. Most of our customers use it for two-factor authentication, but you can add additional elements using a combination of PIN, biometrics and geolocation. The platform supports biometric identification, fingerprints, as well as face recognition.

Our mobile app provides all the possibilities to fully utilize the platform in every part. The platform offers great device flexibility and allows the use of different solutions, such as hardware tokens or one time passwords via SMS or e-mail. The platform is fully supporting identity federation where user’s digital identity can be used in an eco-system where multiple parties rely on user’s identities.