The Verisec Platform of Digital Trust


The digital customer journey starts by issuing a digital identity. The onboarding is a crucial part, and often also the most demanding. With the combination of our technology and documented processes, we can make the onboarding smooth and safe.

The platform can be used to onboard users via a web self-service portal, in physical meetings and with a remote mobile onboarding application.

In our fulfilment center, we can offer all the services necessary to connect the physical identity to the digital, from programming the log in devices and programming of smart cards for printing and distribution of activation codes. The platform includes a component for programming eventual smart cards, also known as registration authority.

For banks the onboarding includes an extra step to achieve the due diligence legislation require and take steps to comply with KYC-regulations in
order to prevent money laundering (AML). There are features in the platform that seamlessly integrates this into the onboarding process.