The Verisec Platform of Digital Trust

Signing & Messaging

We have taken the idea of signing a step further and developed the features that give the user greater control and allows the business to offer more digital services. The system provides a secure communication channel in the mobile app where the receiver identifies digitally to have the opportunity to take part in a message. This corresponds to the flexibility of the SMS or e-mail but with a whole new level of security. This reduces, or completely eliminates, the need for paper-based communications in the form of messages with the PIN envelope for credit card and other types of valuable documents previously sent by mail.

By using the mobile app transaction signing can be done in a secure way in separate channels and also be used for signing payments and transfers, completely in accordance with the regulations in PSD2.

The Verisec Platform of Digital Trust supports the action of multiple users signing a transaction for it to be approved, also known as signature workflow. The platform can be used to create mobile e-signatures under the new eIDAS regulations, and thereby replacing a wide range of paper- based contracts and documents.

The encrypted channel and the fact that the identity of the recipient is assured enables the mobile phone to be used as a secure, personalised communication platform for secure messages. It makes the secure channel superior to e-mail, SMS and letters which do not meet the same demands of security.

Equally valuable is the confirmation that occurs when the user h as taken note of the communication. You then know it is the right person who has taken part of the message, which is impossible in any other channel.